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Let's test these LJ cuts, shall we?

Wow, I really don't use this journal a lot. Well, a year or so a part of this site and I still don't know how to do stuff like this.  How sad. So I figured I might as well try it out. Lets see if I can hopefully do wat everyone else already knows how to so I can post to other comms...

So everyone can check out my EPIC chibis here. Yea, you guessed it, Team Aizen is Gangsta. XD

I GOT IT! W00t! XD I feel accomplished. XD


IchiIshi Fanart time...!

Drawing them makes me so happy, and I love this pairing to death. Therefore, I will draw! ^^ ...Plus I'm a godforsaken hopeless romantic. ><;


Btw, Happy Real Birthday, Ichigo! ^^

Uryuu Ishida!

Finally drew something from Bleach, formally, for the first time a few weeks ago. (other times were jus doodles) Uryuu is mah favorite character and he kicks arse. Feel his awesomeness! Even though, this is the old school energy bow from the older episodes. ><

(I know this is a bit disproportional, I get better.)

There will be more art soon, hope you like! ^^

Uryuu = <3

Wolf Fight

I love wolves, and a wolf snarl is one of the most intimidating things on this planet. O_O Wolves rule! Enjoy the enthusiastic battle! ...Rawr.

Nyahaha. Well,...I've been doodling some, and since my current obsession is House M.D, I doodled it. W00t. Here's mah piture. Kinda implies House/Wilson. They're so cute. ^^